The CheckPoints

Who we are: 3 ladies blessed with a fantastic voice, 1 beastly singer, 8 brilliant musicians and 1 drummer are Charly & The Checkpoints1.


The pig-headed repertoire consisting of covers of famous and lesser known songs guarantees a swinging mix of exotic styles. Our musical influences are not limited to a particular genre.
We use our rich musical heritage of different continents, periods and styles as the basis for an irresistible recipe: Charly & The Checkpoints.

Immerse yourself into music with a high “feel good” factor and a good dose of “gut”!
Sniff a little bit of the atmosphere on our website or better yet, come along to one of our upcoming gigs.

Until then!

And do not forget to put on your dancing shoes!

1: Formerly known as Kif Kif Music